Hi folks. Here’s the third video from the Garnish Trio recording session in December 2011 (recorded by Jack Sugden). It’s ‘The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers’ by Steve Kuhn, chosen only partly for its amazing name…

Polaroid 85 review

The Dusapin concert is over! I can finally enjoy the glory of decent sleep.

Take a gander at this glittering review of Polaroid 85:

We’re playing at the Bedroom Bar in East London on Thursday March 1st. It’s absolutely free!

Polaroid 85

Orchestral time-lapse

Here’s a quick late-night post. I secretly filmed a couple of hours of my orchestra rehearsal today with the Royal College of Music’s Symphony Orchestra. Here are the resulting time-lapse movies:

London Fashion Week & new video

Seldom do I see 7:00 AM on the streets of central Sunday London. It’s actually quite peaceful. I was playing with string quartet ‘Abraxas’ at a catwalk event called ‘Vauxhall Fashion Scout’ near Covent Garden. Surreal but great. Cartoon-style picture courtesy of ‘Paper Camera’ on my Android smartphone – great app.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout

In other news, my jazz trio is releasing a second video from our December session for public consumption. This is ‘Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise’:

Dusapin rehearsals under way

I’m currently immersed in the music of Pascal Dusapin, the new composer-in-residence at the Royal College of Music. We’re performing an hour of his music next Thursday, under the direction of conductor Franck Ollu. The music is incredibly challenging, but we’re getting there!

RCM Symphony Orchestra between Dusapin rehearsals

Page from Dusapin's 'Reverso'

New jazz recordings unveiled

May I present to you the first in a series of filmed recordings of my jazz trio (‘Garnish Trio‘) from December 2011, made at Surrey University. Featuring John Garner on violin, Clement Rooney on piano and James Kenny on double bass; engineered by Jack Sugden. This is Elsa by Earl Zindars.

Surrey University recording session

I’ve just got back from a gruelling five-hour recording session at Surrey University, engineered by my good friend, and excellent engineer, Jack Sugden. Coming to the internet near you: Bach’s B-minor Partita & a few other miscellaneous violin-ish noises. Watch this space! It was lovely to come out of the session to find the ground coated with a fresh layer of snow – not such a nice drive though.

Studio 1 - Surrey UniversityJohn Garner recording at Surrey University, Feb. 2012

Polaroid 85 supporting Hidden Orchestra

Today it has been confirmed that my band, Polaroid 85, will be supporting the mind-blowing Hidden Orchestra in London’s XOYO on May 6th! This is a dream come true. Hidden Orchestra has certainly been one of my favourite bands since I first heard them. For tickets, please click here.

Hidden Orchestra supported by Polaroid 85

Polaroid 85 review

Yesterday Music Muso  introduced my band Polaroid 85 on its site. Have a read of the article here:


Polaroid 85

Up and running!

The new look website is now fully functioning! From now on, I’ll be posting much more regularly about forthcoming concerts, gigs and such things. Next week I start an intense Symphony Orchestra project at the Royal College of Music featuring the music of Dusapin -> looks and sounds hard! See you on the other side.

Here’s a picture from my trip a couple of months ago to Bosnia and Serbia. I’ve just finished playing Bach’s double concerto with French violinist Pierre Amoyal. More ‘stuff’ to follow soon!