Autumn Twilight

Autumn Twilight discovers and explores the influence of English folk song in an original album of compositions and arrangements for 12-string violin, soprano and harp by composer Louis Mander. The centrepiece is a setting of two of Arthur Symons’ autumnal verse, ‘Autumn Triptych’ which showcases a 12-string violin. The three arrangements of folk song melodies: ‘The water is wide’, ‘Barbara Allen’, and ‘John Barleycorn’ shed light on the often trivialised narrative of the English folk tradition, which conveys the bittersweet nature of the art form. At the heart of the album, traditional melody and original melody merge and one becomes the mirror to the other.

Louis Mander 2013

released 22 September 2013
Jane Wilkinson – Soprano
John Garner – 12-string ‘sympolin’ violin
Tamara Young – Harp

Music written/arranged by Louis Mander
Autumn Triptych poetry by Arthur Symons

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Ryan
Recorded on February 6th 2013 in Spitalfields, London

Album artwork by Andrew Simmons

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