The Cold Claws Of Oblivion EP

The Cold Claws Of Oblivion, EMANATA‘s fourth EP, is an altogether heavier offering than the group’s first three records. Kicking off with the appropriately-titled Nemesis, the quartet launches into an unapologetic groove, over-driven to the hilt. The heat comes off for the rolling beats of Feet & Mish and the effervescent Felurian (based on a mythical succubus). Kanashibari (meaning ‘sleep paralysis’ in Japanese) culminates in a funky as fudge hip-hop vibe, before Black Cat closes the record on a more positive, afro-flecked note.

Released 04 August 2017 on Turquoise Coconut.

John Garner – violin & electronics
Clement Rooney – rhodes & synths
Nikola Kovacevic – bass & synths
Flo Rosset – drums & percussion

All music written by EMANATA

Recorded & mixed by Nikola Kovacevic
Mastered by Aneek Thapar

Artwork by Serena Taccola
Logo and character concepts by J.C. Grande

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The Cold Claws Of Oblivion