Mainly Two

Violinists John Garner and Marie Schreer formed ‘Mainly Two’ with a view to expanding the repertoire for two violins and bringing greater attention to an often neglected medium.

Having commissioned new works from some of the top composers of the moment, Mainly Two gave their début show in two parts at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Performances soon followed in the ZHD Gallery, headquarters of star architect Zaha Hadid, and in Italy as part of a tour of Puglia. The two-part accompanying album Poetry / Synergy was released independently in November 2014, and digitally in May 2016.

Plans for 2015 include new collaborations, festival appearances and further studio recordings. Expect a huge variety of styles and sounds from the minds of musicians working in genres as diverse as classical, jazz and electronic music.

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‘Mainly Two’ composers include:

Jed Backhouse
Enzo Bellomo
Cameron Graham
Giovanni Cacioppo
Steven Ebel
Noam Faingold
Daniel Kessner
Charles Mauleverer
Toby Nelms
Michael Oliva
Tomi Räisänen
Charlie Sdraulig
Lucy Claire