Bai Gum Feller

Ere be koopla things for ya weery eerz. Ta begin, a big ole jump from spayce with sum smashen droom en bayce from Perleroyd Ayteefoive (Translation: Good day to you! Here are a couple of things for your tired ears. Firstly, an impressively large jump from space accompanied by some rather pleasant liquid drum and bass from Polaroid 85.)

Below’sa kernel uv devel moosick for yer an all. (Translation: Please find below a new record from jazz quartet ‘BLAM!’ on which I was delighted to feature with a string quartet.)

BLAM! attached/detached

Mooven taward thay oareyent, eres a collaberayshion frum Projeckt Avertan (Translation: Moving onto Eastern inspired music, here’s a recent track from my ongoing collaboration with Alok Verma and Rekesh Chauhan, Project Avartan.)

Un wun moar thing. Be it grarfick potrayells uv yung lectronek wippa snappaz ye fencee, ere they be. (Translation: On a final note, if you have headed in this general direction seeking pictorial representations of young people, presumably of an electronica persuasion, you’ll find a couple below.)